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Way back in 1995, we introduced the world to YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, the first and only trivia game to ask about Shakespeare and Scooby-Doo in the same question, complete with a smart-ass host and a full array of fart sound effects. The game went on to become a mega-hit, selling more than five million SKUs on PC and eventually moving to console, social, mobile and next gen platforms like OUYA. Meanwhile, Jackbox Games has become a full-fledged multi-platform publisher with new titles such as Lie Swatter™, Clone Booth™, Word Puttz™ and many others on the way. (Yet, we still have to lounge on the same skanky 1995 couch.) Consider downloading one of our games today or following us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the many new games in our pipeline.

Fibbage on Xbox One
Think your BS don’t stink? Then lie your way to glory with Jackbox’s newest hit party game, already the number one party game in 17 countries (that’s a lie)… Fibbage! Hosted by Cookie Masterson! Check it out!
Download Word Puttz™ – the only octopus-hosted, word-tile/mini-golf mashup that you’ll ever need! Learn More.