Breaking News: Fibbage Players Love Playing Fibbage!

One of the most exciting things about making games is the feedback when it’s released. Hopefully you are hearing more raves than complaints. Once you get past the demands that the game be immediately translated into German and run on Windows Me, you get to the good stuff.

And here are what reviewers are saying:

Microsoft’s ID@Xbox event, which took place at its campus near Seattle, showcased approximately 30 indie titles of various sizes, and from among them, the most memorable was the elegant and simple title called Fibbage.


Like any lie-based board game it’s a blast to play with friends, as Fibbage shows you what everyone’s fib was at the end of a round, and the satisfaction you’ll get from successfully passing off a lie is amazing.

Game Informer

Well yesterday I heard a co-worker talking about Fibbage being a new video game that was just released…and that it was a ton of fun. And then today…well, today I actually played Fibbage. And it was indeed a lot of fun.

Windows Phone Central

Jackbox Games has done a great job of creating a game that You Don’t Know Jack players will love, yet has its own distinctive gameplay.

Fibbage Now Available for XBox One

Fibbage Now Available for XBox One

Fibbage, the hilarious bluffing game is now available on XBox One! We couldn’t be more excited to release this game to the console market. (Fear not PS3 and PS4 gamers, a version for those consoles is due in the next few weeks.)

Jackbox Games has always been about gathering people together in a room and making them laugh until they pee their pants, and our fake studies have shown that Fibbage is nearly 10x more likely to result in soiled trousers than the average party game. It’s science!

Fibbage is also available for the Amazon Fire TV.

Drawing Meetings to a Close

Drawing Meetings to a Close

We use Google Hangouts so those working remotely can attend meetings, and they recently added the ability to draw on people’s video feeds. Here’s what our meeting today looked like.

Turns out it’s much cheaper to do this than put a real banner up in the office congratulating Evan on the birth of his son. Also, sharks.