We’re Kickstarting Quiplash!

We’re Kickstarting Quiplash!

We launched our first Kickstarter campaign on Monday and by Tuesday night it was 100% funded! A big thank you to everyone who contributed!

We’re all thrilled that Quiplash is going to get released this summer. Now that the project is funded, we’re starting to work on it full time and it’s going to be great.

If you haven’t backed us yet, go do it now!

We have a bunch of great rewards including:

  • A copy of Quiplash, obviously
  • A new version of You Don’t Hear Jack
  • Contributing a question to the game that will appear credited to you.
  • Being listed in our credits with any title you want

More announcements are coming soon, and the best way to hear them is to back the project at any level so you get backer updates.

A Farewell to (Eight) Arms

A Farewell to (Eight) Arms

Word Puttz

It was the only word game with balls.

It’s hard to believe Word Puttz was only out for a year before we took it out of the market. Sometimes in this industry you put a bunch of work into a game and it just doesn’t catch on.

I think we’ll especially miss Octoputtz.


What most people probably don’t know is that there is an entire unreleased “manatee” mode in Word Puttz with dozens of very difficult levels… and a freakin’ pirate manatee!


Maybe someday Word Puttz will see the light of day again. Until then…



A Post Post

A Post Post

This is a post about our new post. It was unveiled last week.

Allard was being mysterious about the whole thing. A week ago someone came in and dry-walled around a lovely old timber beam, which seemed bizarre. I mean, it was really quite lovely. And old. And timber.

Then he sent us all out to lunch one day. When we returned…