Want to stay in your Eeyore pajama pants all Saturday without judgement?  Are you and your friends about to move to different cities? Want to replace your weekly calls home to Mom & Dad with a wholesome family game of Trivia Murder Party?

If your answer is “maybe yes” to any of the above, then you have found the right blog post! Jackbox Games don’t use online matchmaking, but there are several ways you can play with others in remote locations. Here are a few options to consider when you’re looking to play Fibbage from afar:

Option #1: Play with Your Friends

If you feel pretty confident about you and your fellow players’ internet connection, just hop on a video chat service like Discord, Skype, or Google Hangouts. Each of these tools has screen sharing features that will let you show other players the game screen. When playing this way, we recommend wired internet connections when possible!

Option #2: Play with Anyone

If you want to open your game up to the public, using a streaming service like Twitch or YouTube is your best bet. These services allow you to broadcast your screen and easily share a link with remote players to watch, join, and play along. We stream our games every Thursday at 3:30CT. You can watch an example of how this works here.

In order to do this, you will need broadcasting software. Open Broadcasting Software Studio is free and integrates easily with YouTube and Twitch.

Additional Instructions: How to start streaming on Twitch

Additional Instructions: How to start streaming on YouTube

With either of these services, we recommend using low latency settings. This will ensure that everyone is experiencing the game as close to “real time” as possible. We wrote a blog about how to set this up that can be found here.

Many of our games have extended timer options that can be selected in the game’s settings to give remote players more time to answer. You can still play with friends this way too, we just recommend hiding the game lobby screen and sending the room code that players will use to join (on their phones at Jackbox.tv) via private message.

Never again will you have to wait for game night or family get-togethers to share a few laughs!

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