Jackbox Fan Spotlight: “uxie126”

Jackbox Fan Spotlight: “uxie126”

It’s time for our second-ever fan spotlight and this time, we’d like to introduce you to one of our most dedicated fanart content creators, Uxie! We’re lucky to be regularly blessed with new art from Uxie and she’s one of our wonderful mods in the Jackbox Games Discord server. Meet Uxie! 

When did you first hear about and/or play Jackbox Games?

Surprisingly, I first heard about it through Drawful! Thanks to YouTube putting it into my recommendations, if I recall correctly. However, it wasn’t until Trivia Murder Party that I ended up becoming intrigued and eventually a fan! Trivia Murder Party was even the first game I excitedly played in a Twitch stream.

How has Jackbox Games impacted your life?

I believe Jackbox Games has had a pretty big impact. If it wasn’t for the discovery, not only would I have not drawn fan art, but as well as many other things that I was inspired to create and draw to this day. That and the community is amazing and I’ve met such great people! Even if I sit back and relax during streams, I’m happy with how I’ve been able to talk with the team and look forward to upcoming games… To think I’ve witnessed the reveals of pack 4 and 5, and now 6? Time flies!

Which is your favorite Jackbox Games title and why?

While Trivia Murder Party is obviously my root into the community, if I had to choose one next to that? Probably Patently Stupid! It always makes me laugh – especially when I’m able to present with a voice. That and making some strange, weird or creative stuff as inventions. I usually can go for a round 2 of Patently Stupid!

For someone who has never played Jackbox Games before, which game do you recommend starting with and why?

Quiplash 2 is a good one that I’ve played with others but if you’re a trivia kind of person, try out YDKJ: Full Stream and Fibbage 3! Are you someone who likes to doodle? Tee K.O. and Patently Stupid can be fun! (You could also try out Trivia Murder Party to get into the hype for its sequel!)

You create so much cool Jackbox Games fanart! What’s your favorite stuff to draw related to our games?

Thank you so much!! I’m really happy to have had my art seen by the team! It’s true that I’ve drawn fanart for different games over the years but I’d say…Trivia Murder Party, of course. I’ve always really liked the little doll avatars and they’re fun to draw! (I end up excited for the reveals of the ones that’ll appear in the sequel as well!) Zeeple Dome was another game that was fun to draw about too! I even drew a whole band inspired by its soundtrack once.

Play These Fourth of July Episodes of Quiplash 2 and Drawful 2!

Play These Fourth of July Episodes of Quiplash 2 and Drawful 2!

Ok, sure, July 4th is still ten days away. Can you blame us for wanting to get into the holiday weekend spirit a bit sooner?

Start prepping for your party now by getting these custom Independence Day-themed episodes of Quiplash 2 and Drawful 2 ready to play beforehand. When you fire up a game, the first player will have the Episodes Menu on their mobile device after entering the room code. Choose to load an episode by ID and use the codes in the image below. Your lobby will change to reflect that the custom episode has loaded. For more information on custom episodes of these games, click here.

Not an owner of these games YET? Visit the The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (this pack includes Quiplash 2) and Drawful 2 game pages for information on available platforms and seasonal sales of these titles.

Pass Time Before Fireworks With Jackbox Games on your Nintendo Switch!

Pass Time Before Fireworks With Jackbox Games on your Nintendo Switch!

Wrangling the group together to watch a fireworks display can be a grind. You pack a cooler, grab the lawn chairs and blankets, and find the perfect spot to catch all of the action… 5 hours before the fireworks are set to begin. Seriously, the sun is beaming down on you and your favorite booming, sparkly friends are ages away from popping.

What is a party-loving American to do?

We have 3 words for you: Nintendo. Switch. Jackbox.

Okay, maybe more like 8 words: Play Jackbox Party Packs on your Nintendo Switch!

In case you’re still living in 1776, all Jackbox Party Packs (and Drawful 2) are available to download in the Nintendo eShop and play on your Nintendo Switch! We’re on all sorts of digital platforms including Steam for PC/Mac, Xbox One, PS4, and Comcast Xfinity to name a few. But perhaps our most portable platform is the Nintendo Switch, making it a perfect way to keep you from getting annoyed by friends or family while you wait for fireworks.

You know your companions already are glued to their smartphones, so it’s easy for them to join along and play at Jackbox.tv. And, with the Switch propped up on the cooler playing rounds of Quiplash 2, you’re all set.

Some extra star-spangled news:

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 is on sale in the eShop now through June 28th for 40% off. And, for our fans who are slightly less Type A, you’re in luck! The Jackbox Party Packs 2 & 3 will both be on sale beginning the morning of July 4th for 40% off. Rest assured that even if you wait until the last second, you’ll be able to get a great deal on our games.

Not a Nintendo Switch owner? Our games also travel well with a laptop! PC/Mac codes are available for purchase in our store.

Jackbox Fan Spotlight: Ryan “rydash” McGill

Jackbox Fan Spotlight: Ryan “rydash” McGill

It’s our first ever fan spotlight! Every few weeks or so, we’ll feature a Jackbox Games fan that FAN-ed so hard that we consider them family. Meet Ryan “rydash” McGill, longtime mod, playtester, bosom chum, and die-hard Jackbox aficionado.  

When did you first hear about and/or play Jackbox Games?

I don’t remember hearing about Jackbox Games (née Jellyvision) so much as I remember them just appearing in my life one day. My brother and I were elementary-school-aged lads, enjoying the luxury of a Home Computer. Just above the sharp metal tower, next to the humming CRT monitor glistening with Windows 95, there I saw it: YOU DON’T KNOW JACK Volume 2. Carefully tucked between copies of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and the Puddle Books’ classic Yolanda Yellsalot, I saw eye to eye with a disembodied corner of a Jack head.

My parents explained this disc contained trivia! But don’t go away just yet, because it was also a game! Kids love games!

Well, my parents quickly realized their mistake once we started playing. A few raunchy questions later, the adults in the room declared us kids could only play when the sound was off; all we’d hear through the speakers was a very faint buzz. Still, two images burned into my brain: a very bald mysterious forehead person, and a tilted purple logo with cursive letters.

YDKJ Vol. 2 sat in a CD-ROM carousel until I rediscovered it a decade later. Only then did I understand why this was kept guarded – and what I was missing out on! Even though I no longer have any CD players (technology, right?), I still keep the disc at my desk at work; it’s a critical part of my origin story, as you’ll hear!

How have Jackbox Games impacted your life?

Like a well-behaved ghost, Jackbox haunted parts of my life without me realizing it. You heard my first YDKJ experience; let’s fast-forward to THE TURN OF THE CENTURY! My AOL browser was pointing to the Pogo.com classic Primetime Pitch, my ill-advised dreams of someday becoming a cartoonist were helped by Disney Magic Artist Studio, and toasters flew across the monitor while I watched the short-lived ABC version of YDKJ hosted by Paul Reubens. Some current Jackboxers helped sculpt all of those experiences in some way!

The ongoing ectoplasm of Jackbox Games also helped me find my career. As my senior year in college was ending, I was thriving on the adrenaline-fueled panic of having no idea what to do after graduation. I remember sitting on my bed and playing the Facebook version of YDKJ, squeezing some last joy out from it just after the announcement that it would be taken down. In that moment, while not realizing that Jackbox Games was a separate business, I thought back to that YDKJ Vol. 2 jewel case and wondered if Jellyvision still existed. Lo and behold, they did! Jellyvision no longer made games, but they still produced interactive conversations and experiences like the ones I’d grown up with.

One surprisingly enjoyable application process and four full years of developing interactive content later, I’m still with Jellyvision! My life would be very different had I not seen their purple speech bubble logo etched into so many YDKJ classic games. Thinking about that too much makes me nauseous, really.

Which is your favorite Jackbox Games title and why?

To keep this interview exciting, I’m not gonna answer YOU DON’T KNOW JACK for every question.

Hold onto your mugs, because my next favorite is Bomb Corp.!

I don’t return to it too often, but I really love the universe that game establishes. It’s full of tension and progression and lovely pixel aesthetics and great chiptunes and oddly well-done characterization and Wednesdays! My recommendation for anyone jumping in is to convince your friends to three-star all the courses. You’ll feel rewarded when you manage to do that! You won’t actually be rewarded, but I think that embodies the truest lesson of any corporation: a job well done is its own reward, especially for the shareholders.

For someone who has never played Jackbox Games before, which game do you recommend starting with and why?

It’s gotta be Quiplash. (Or XL or 2, whichever you have handy.) “Here’s a box, type in words!” are pretty easy instructions to give someone. Then, you get to watch them go from nonsense responses, to creating answers that jive with the prompts, to devolving into absolute filth and/or deadpan honesty that lights up the whole room. It’s like watching an innocent caterpillar morph into the hideous butterfly you always knew they could be.

In closing…

I’m really glad the rise of the Party Packs created a centralized Jackbox community. The fanart alone is stupendous (check out #JackboxStream on twitter!), and I feel a kinship with the Discord group and the Twitch folks that catch the Party Club livestreams. It’s small enough where you can easily interact with the devs, but large enough for the audience to still sway the outcome of the games. That said, Jackbox folks still tend to win unusually often…

Join The Party By Watching Our Weekly Jackbox Games Shows!

Join The Party By Watching Our Weekly Jackbox Games Shows!

It’s time to take your Jackbox Games fandom to the next level. Since time immemorial, it has been important to us that we create a community where you can play our games with the people that created them (and others that love them), chat with the developers and designers behind your favorite party games, and humor us by watching weird segments that we find funny.

That’s why we produce at least two (sometimes more if we’re feeling nutty) weekly shows featuring Jackbox Games titles and Jackbox Games staff. Get answers to all your questions about this below and then join the party club!

Sometimes I get notifications that Jackbox Games is live. What is happening?

Every week, we stream live to Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook Live. If you follow or subscribe to us on any of those channels, they should let you know when we’re alive and kicking! Once you receive this notification, visit our channel and BE ENTERTAINED!

What is The Jackbox Party Club?

Our main show happens on Thursdays at 3:30 CT and lasts roughly 60-90 minutes. It’s called The Jackbox Party Club! The Jackbox Party Club is co-hosted by Game Directors Warren Arnold and Ryan DiGiorgi and produced by Marketing Manager Brooke Hofer (the bodiless voice running the sound board).

Every week, we play at least 2 different Jackbox Games titles with fans. We often use this show to share updates about games in development, info on the latest sales, and tease out big announcements. This is also usually the first place you can watch new games be played. Every few weeks, we will review fanart submitted on Twitter using the hashtag #jackboxstream.

We also do weird stuff like create intricate snacks out of whatever we can find in the Jackbox break room fridge. Visit our YouTube channel to watch some of our latest episodes.

How can I receive the code to join a game that is being streamed?

If you want to join a game as a main player on Thursdays, you can only do so by first joining our Discord. We will share the game code in the #general channel of our Discord server before revealing it on the screen. This helps make it fair for those experiencing lag and also helps us manage trolls. Begone, trolls!

Our Discord is also a great place to connect with other Jackbox fans, share more fanart, and find other people to play our games with using the #find-and-join-games channel.

What are TMP Fridays?

Most Fridays at 1:00 CT (if bandwidth allows) we will run unhosted games of Trivia Murder Party and the occasional game of Guesspionage. The room code is shared on the stream (not in Discord) for these games.

Do you do anything else on your channels?

Yes! We will occasionally do special stream events like marathons when a new pack is released, Super Mario Smash Bros. tournaments with Jackbox staff, or some rounds of Dead by Daylight. Most special streams are hosted by Principal Software Engineer, Ben Jacobs! We’ll usually announce these on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook before they occur.

What’s up with The Orb?

The Orb is you. The Orb is me. The Orb doesn’t follow your rules or restrictions.