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Split The Room

About Split The Room Imagine a world where there’s a party game about creating hilarious and divisive hypothetical questions. Well, it exists already and it’s

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Jackbox Fan Spotlight: House of Darkly

When we started releasing images of the dolls of Trivia Murder Party 2, we couldn’t help but notice a House of Darkly tweet around that time teasing a new plush being created featuring a button. Our whole office shared the tweet in Slack wondering, “Could it mean that House of Darkly is creating a plush about The Believer?!”

Mad Verse City

About Mad Verse City Channel your inner MC as a rap-battling robot in MAD VERSE CITY! Giant robots have invaded, and they want one thing:

Patently Stupid

About Patently Stupid Is your head just bursting with inventive ideas?! Well, show off your creative genius with Patently Stupid, the game that will turn

You Don’t Know Jack Full Stream

About YOU DON’T KNOW JACK: Full Stream The irreverent trivia classic returns, revamped and better than ever! Your favorite host, Cookie Masterson, returns with all-new

Zeeple Dome

About Zeeple Dome Welcome, Earthlings, to the ZEEPLE DOME!!! Apologies for plucking you from your ship, lucky space travelers, but you are now honored contestants

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