The Science of Creating a Quiplash Prompt

The Science of Creating a Quiplash Prompt

Quiplash and Quiplash 2 are Jackbox games that allow anyone to become a comedy writer. In Quiplash 2 (included in The Jackbox Party Pack 3) you can even create your own Quiplash episodes! Both are super fun party games and a constant terrifying reminder to the comedy writers who work at Jackbox that they are easily replaceable.

While some may try to sabotage the competition, this writing staff prefers to set up our successors for success. In doing so, we’ve discovered a few secrets for creating the perfect Quiplash prompt.

  1. Start with funny words

In Quiplash you’re given a prompt such as:

“What the boogeyman is afraid of”

Then the players get to create hilarious answers. Now, “Boogey” is an inherently funny word and it may surprise you to learn that the “Boogeyman” is not a real person. By introducing silly phrases, imaginary characters and ridiculous premises, we hope new players understand that their response should be equally whimsical.

Adding a funny word also allows us to just crib ideas from old educational textbooks:

“Why the T-Rex had teeny tiny arms”

  1. Reliving past mistakes

Like all writers, the staff at Jackbox Games are tortured individuals who transform our pain into art. For instance, I can take a particularly embarrassing Valentine’s Day memory and turn it into a chance for a group of friends to ponder how it could have gone worse:

“The worst song when stripping for a lover”

As long as you just have to imagine the scenario you can have a good laugh! Instead of defeatedly pulling your suspenders back on while the Baha Men play in the background.

  1. Specialty questions

A good Quiplash prompt should work with a variety of audiences, but sometimes we create games for very specific events. For example, the prompts we wrote for our Bachelorette Party edition were designed to create fun inside jokes among a bridal party and to help them plan their evening:

“Best thing to scream out of a moving party bus”

  1. Let’s change the world

Speaking of planning for the future. Quiplash can be more than just a drunken giggle fest, it can be the spark that ignites many intelligent conversations with prompts like:

“The worst thing to say during your Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearing”


“The worst way to spell Mississippi”

As you debate the legal system and the intricacies of the Engish language, you can craft some clever bon mots and look up the meaning of words like “bon mots.”

  1. Stuff about butts

This isn’t so much a tip as just something I noticed going through our past games…

“Rename any famous work of literature so that it is ruined by the word ‘butt’”

“What aliens do the after the anal probe”

“The hit song from the Broadway show Fart: The Musical

…we refuse to say we’re sorry.

  1. Things we authentically want to know

Finally, when crafting a Quiplash prompt, we writers may just pose questions and premises we sincerely want to know the answers to:

“A great opening line to start a conversation with a stranger at a party”

Of course, Jackbox Games doesn’t record what you type in because the company respects your privacy, but I don’t! Please invite me over to eavesdrop the next time you play Quiplash so I can finally learn:

“What are mannequins always thinking?”

Visit the Quiplash and The Jackbox Party Pack 3 pages of our site for more information on how to purchase and play this fan-favorite game.

The Perfect Jackbox Party Game for your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Jackbox Party Game for your Zodiac Sign

Unless you’re a Leo, it can be fairly difficult to make decisions. The charts say you will face many challenges this week and selecting the perfect game for an upcoming get together shouldn’t be one of them. As a Capricorn, I feel the need to share my wisdom.

After consulting several online horoscopes, I have found the best Jackbox Party Game for you! Based on your zodiac sign/the games that Marketing told me to push!

Aries – Split the Room

Aries are addicted to drama. Their favorite game is shouting Big, Little Lies spoilers in yoga class, but watching their friends Split the Room through kooky “what-ifs” is the next best thing.

Taurus – Bomb Corp.

If you need to deactivate a bomb, don’t call the police…call a Taurus. They are patient and love to work under pressure. They are also great lovers, so they know how to delay a premature explosion.

Gemini – Zeeple Dome

Zeeple Dome has the bright colors, upbeat music and constant violence that impatient Gemini’s demand. We made them third on the list because there is no way they’re reading the whole thing.

Cancer – Tee K.O.

A sentimental crab would love to have a souvenir from family game night. Tee K.O. allows them to actually make a T-Shirt they can buy…because the stars also say Cancer’s love T-Shirts.

Leo – Trivia Murder Party

If you know a Leo, they are plotting to kill you. Trivia Murder Party might sate their bloodlust and need to prove themselves superior…at least for one night.

Virgo – Fibbage/Fibbage XL

Human emotions are just puzzles for Virgos. Fibbage allows them to decipher truth from lies, a valuable skill for these robots trying to learn how to feel.

Libra – You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream

You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream can be played as a one-player game, so Libras may continue their lives of isolation.

Scorpio – Drawful/Drawful 2

I played Drawful with a Scorpio and not only did they create three priceless works of arts, but they redecorated my living room and saved my marriage with their inspiring images.

Sagittarius – Monster Seeking Monster

If you’re a practical person…you want know which of your friends are werewolves and which ones are witches. A Sagittarius wants to get this sorted through a round of Monster Seeking Monster before any other game is played.

Capricorn – Quiplash

Full disclosure; I am a Capricorn. Which is why I love Quiplash, because it rewards you for being the funniest, most attractive and overall best person in the room.

Aquarius – Mad Verse City

An Aquarius loves to share. Play the rapping game Mad Verse City and ensure everyone gets served. (The charts say you will find this pun delightful)

Pisces – Patently Stupid

Pisces are very superstitious so I’m sad to say all signs indicate that if you do not play Patently Stupid in the next 48 hours, you will doom your life and become unappealing to all potential friends/suitors.

Play These Jackbox Games on Halloween… If You Dare

Play These Jackbox Games on Halloween… If You Dare

Oh, hello! Your car couldn’t have broken down in a more fortuitous spot. I mean, what are the chances it would happen over these road spikes outside my house? I was hoping to get a few more guests for this night of Jackbox party games! It must be fate!

*Thunder Crash*

Quick, come in from the rain! The storm is supposed to last for hours and there are so many spooky and delightful games we can play.

*Sound of Creaky Door Opening*

One does not need a cavernous mansion like mine in order to create a chilling eve of ghoulish giggles and horrific puns. All you need is Jackbox Games and a strong stomach (because of the sheer number of belly laughs)! Haha what?! NO, that’s not a corpse in the corner! Quick, look at these games on the TV screen!

  1. Trivia Murder Party

This terrifying trivia game is hosted by a deranged serial killer—which is definitely not a role I can relate to whatsoever.

You are a kidnapped contestant who’s forced to participate in a sick and demented game show. In order to survive, you’ll have to demonstrate both book smarts and street smarts. If you get a question wrong, you are dragged to the Killing Floor, where you fight for survival in a variety of cutthroat mini games.

The action culminates with an intense race to escape. Can you get out alive? There’s only one way to find out… (By playing the game. Sorry, was that not obvious?)

  1. Split The Room

What’s scarier than being chained up in a dungeon? Being stuck in a nebulous void.

In this game of bizarre hypothetical scenarios, you create unworldly situations with the goal of splitting the room’s response. You hold the power as your force your opponents to play out terrifying (but amusing) scenes.

Anything is possible in this multidimensional party game; it’s only limited by your creativity. And isn’t your imagination the scariest place of all?

  1. Monster Seeking Monster

This party game combines two of the scariest things in the world: monsters and online dating.

Monster Seeking Monster is a strategy game where you try to woo your fellow creatures of the night via text messages. But be careful who you date. Every monster has secret skills that can harm your chances of winning.

Let’s just hope your romantic messages are enough to make an invisible person visibly blush.

  1. Custom Drawful 2/Quiplash 2

Sure, these Jackbox staples might not seem like the spookiest games on the surface, but you clearly haven’t played them with user-generated content!

*Bigger Thunder Clash*

Use these codes to access custom Halloween episodes of Quiplash 2 and Drawful 2!

Yes, you have the ability to create Halloween-inspired prompts for both of these games! For example, what would be your Quiplash 2 response to the prompt: “Worst thing to say while stuck in some creepy guy’s mansion”? Or how would you draw something like, “Guest unable to leave some creepy guy’s mansion”?

….both of those prompts are a little bit sinister, but very relevant to your current situation.

*Sound of Door Locking*

Pick up one of these games to enjoy during your Halloween party now. And don’t forget to purchase The Jackbox Party Pack 5 when it is released on all major digital platforms on October 17th!

How to Lifehack These Jackbox Halloween Costumes

How to Lifehack These Jackbox Halloween Costumes

It’s the number one trending topic on every social media site: DIY Jackbox costumes. But what’s the OFFICIAL way to make them?

Let us help get you started with a few unique, hilarious, and CHEAP costumes for your upcoming Halloween parties. I have picked some ideas and spent my day in the Jackbox offices creating picture perfect pictures of various Party Pack iconography.

This is more or less closet cosplay, but I’m a theater kid so my closet has bald caps and various capes in it. Also, Jackbox generously gave me $5 to put this blog together. Otherwise, I’m mostly making suggestions as inexpensive and entertaining as the Jackbox games themselves!

This is me “normal” (Mug for scale)

  1. The Jackbox Games Logo

One of the most famous images associated with Jackbox games is a head in a box.

This costume is easy. All you need is a small box and bald head. Boxes can be stolen from your office* and you can achieve a bald head through shaving, having an actual bald head, or letting time take its toll.

I also needed tape because I have sideburns I needed to cover…


Needed more tape for sideburns…

This costume is perfect for gaming conventions and/or Halloween screenings of Seven.

  1. Monster Seeking Monster

It a scientific fact** that the average American has at least one monster costume at home. If you’re looking to spice up your vampire, mummy and/or witch costume, might I recommend making them a little…

Monster Seeking Monster is a game about creatures of the undead seeking love. It involves lying and subterfuge in order to score points just like traditional dating, but they have secret powers that require careful strategy in order to maneuver. I wanted to replicate the purple skin and enticing mystique of the Monster Seeking Monster vampire:

This is where I use the aforementioned cape and $5 to buy a three-color makeup kit

As you can see, I also printed out some images from the game. Like the heart point icon and some phrases I could attach to my cape. The end result:

Purple? Pink like a bad sunburn? It’s the same thing!

You can screenshot your best lines! Or steal them from more charming people!

This also makes a great couples costume. I am both of these monsters through the magic of photo editing and toilet paper!

  1. Split the Room

Would you like to be dressed to the nines AND ahead of the curve? Why not dress like a character from The Jackbox Party Pack 5?

The Split the Room host is a Halloween Costume with a sense of style, much like the Phantom of the Opera.

You combine a cat costume and a nice suit and you’re there.

I could use a cat mask, but I bought hair gel and a makeup kit and I’m going to use it!

Split the Room is a game about creating difficult decisions. My final costume has generated a image that is even more gut wrenching:

I am available for birthday parties. Terrifying, terrifying birthday parties.

  1. Drawful

Okay….enough beautiful monsters and gruesome cats! It’s time to get silly!!!

Drawful and Drawful 2 are games that provide a prompt and then ask you to draw it to the best of your ability. Halloween provides you a chance to throw a party where every guest gets a Drawful prompt and has to make a costume (possibly right on the spot).

I’m going to ask a coworker for a random prompt and make the costume out of stuff that I find*** around my office. Here’s the prompt: “failing a lie detector” (Full disclosure: this is the second prompt… the first was vampire related because the universe just wants to see me in a cape but I wanted a challenge)

Here are my materials:

If you find typos in this article, it’s because my editor no longer has a mouse.

And the end result:

Ridiculously long fingers are not part of the costume. They are just my cross to bear.

Imagine a party where everybody has to assemble these outfits and everybody had to guess what they are trying to portray. It’s like your Jackbox Party Pack came to life!!*

Got a great Jackbox-y costume? Throughout the month of October, tag us in your pictures on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #JackboxHalloween in your post! And, don’t forget to pre-order The Jackbox Party Pack 5 for PC/Mac/Linux OR purchase it upon release on October 17th!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


**Wild guess

***Steal. I steal from my place of work.

Party Games That You Can Play With Your Kids

Party Games That You Can Play With Your Kids

One night, your electricity goes out and you have to find something else to do besides playing Jackbox Games. Nine months later…you have a new player.

Jackbox Games are the go-to entertainment option for raucous parties and meetings between heads of state, but which ones are best for playing with a PG-rated crowd? All of our games are rated T for teen, but once you turn on the Family Friendly  setting (found in the game’s settings menu), you’ll find they’re great for your (cool) family. Here are a few games that are fun to play with kids around the ages of 9 and up.

Drawful 2

Drawful 2 is a game of hilariously bad drawings. Each player gets a weird phrase that they have to draw, like “night farmer” or “boring graveyard.” The other players see the drawing and make up a title for it that might fool everyone into thinking it was the original prompt. You get points for fooling people with your title and for people guessing the correct title to your drawing.

No one likes fooling adults more than kids, and even if your kid doesn’t care much about the rules, making weird drawings together is a ton o’ fun!

Quiplash 2

One of the best parts about many Jackbox Games is that there is no “right” answer. Options like Quiplash 2 emphasize creativity, with the goal of making a hilarious joke.

Of course, comedy is particular to the audience. Some will find this blog very funny (champions), others will not (criminals). This game is great for your whole family to play because you’ll get to make each other laugh with family inside jokes and shared experiences.

You make the content, so use the Family Friendly setting for the prompts and make sure Uncle Mike knows what’s appropriate to write.


Playing trivia with kids can be tough, because an 11-year-old has a much different knowledge base than someone in their thirties (unless that 30-year-old writes for Jackbox Games).

Guesspionage is a trivia game based on approximation. Instead of just saying “I have no idea” you can just estimate “around 25%.” It means no one is left out of the game because no one will know EXACTLY what  percentage of people put ketchup on their hot dogs (criminals).

Tee K.O.  

When I was 10, I was playing board games with my family and my dad did a drawing of a cat that was so bad we brought it up at my recent wedding rehearsal dinner.

Sometimes family game night can lead to memories (A.K.A. embarrassments) that will last forever. Tee K.O. is a drawing game where the players collaborate to make the best (goofiest) shirts possible. And as a bonus, you can even order your design on a real shirt after the game!
It’s a fun game and if you’re looking for future gifts, you can kill two-poorly drawn birds with one decently-drawn stone!

Fibbage 3

Fibbage 3 is another game where you get to make up a unique answer to trivia-based prompts. It has all the fun of Quiplash, with the added benefit of gauging how good your kids are at lying. Always good information to have on hand.

For family game nights, you might want to try Fibbage: Enough About You (a bonus game mode in FIbbage 3) which asks players to lie about people in the room and finally discover what rumors about Uncle Mike are real.

Pick up one of these games to enjoy with your family today!