Announcing Game Three in The Jackbox Party Pack 6: Push The Button

Announcing Game Three in The Jackbox Party Pack 6: Push The Button

How well do you know your friends? Like, reeeeeeaaaaalllly know them? Could they be hiding something from you? Like, maybe they are allergic to shellfish… or they dream of being in the circus… or they’re actually from outer space and are trying to kill you and the rest of the humans on your ship?!!!

Okay, that last one is unlikely, but it IS the premise to the third game in The Jackbox Party Pack 6: Push The Button!

In Push The Button, you and your friends are minding your own business, just flying through space when suddenly, you discover that your ship has been infiltrated by shape-shifting aliens! The aliens have one goal: take over your ship at any cost.

Fortunately, your helpful AI guide has found a way to (hopefully) detect the aliens; a series of tests that require humans to write or draw responses to challenging prompts or defend their answers to divisive questions.

How does this help you find the aliens? Simple. Take the Drawing Test for example: Humans would receive the prompt “draw a couple in love” while aliens would receive the prompt “draw an elderly couple.” As a result, the drawings will be close but not the same to raise suspicion. 

Once you think you’ve figured out who the aliens are, you can PUSH THE BUTTON, which will you allow you to shove the suspected aliens into an airlock and shoot them into the cold void of space.

Sounds easy, right? Oh wait. We forgot to mention the timer. You have to do all of this before the timer runs out or the aliens win. I bet that shut you up. Or knowing the internet, it didn’t.

Push The Button support four to ten players who really like to yell at each other.

Look out for Push The Button (alongside Dictionarium and Trivia Murder Party 2) in The Jackbox Party Pack 6, coming this fall on major digital platforms! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates on when you’ll be able to see Push The Button play-throughs.

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Streamer’s Guide

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Streamer’s Guide

Jackbox Games’ library is chocked full of features designed specifically for to enhance your streaming experience. We’ve tried to make these features self-explanatory, but we’ve got some free time, so let’s take a look, shall we?

Before we get into the juicy details, it’s worth pointing out that all of the features are accessible from the Settings menu. Simply toggle on or off the features as you see fit.

So, first up, let’s talk about…


Pretty simple. The VIP is the first person to get in the game and the raw, unmitigated responsibility that comes with it is staggering. So, you’ll probably want to be the VIP in most cases.

As the VIP, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Starting the game. On your device, you will have the power to launch into gameplay once all your players are in. This will not be the case, however, if you have “Start From Controller Only” selected, which we will discuss in a moment.
  • Manual Censoring. You’ll have the ability to censor and remove objectionable content from your game experience because sometimes people are terrible. Again, we’ll have more on this topic later on.

Speaking of people, let’s talk about…

The Audience

Most of our games allow your audience to play along and can support up to 10,000 players! Pretty cool, huh?

If you want to include your audience in the game, you’ll need to…

  • Turn on the “Audience” feature in Settings (It’s already on by default).
  • Direct them to go to on their device and enter the room code after all players have entered the game or the game has started.

You’ll want to keep that room code hidden until all your players are in if you don’t want audience members jumping into the game. Luckily, we have a feature for that!

Allow Room Code Hiding

Want to hide your room code but still display the lobby? Great! Toggle on the room code hiding option (default is “off”) and your viewers won’t be able to join until you’re ready for them.

But say you want to let some viewers in but you’re afraid of what havoc an anonymous player can wreak? Well, there’s a feature for that!

Require Twitch

Most of our games have a “Require Twitch” option (default “off”) which requires players to log in to via Twitch. And voila! Their Twitch username is their in-game name as well.

To do this, click the cog in the upper left corner at and selecting “Twitch login.” If you choose to logout, you’ll find that option here as well.

Okay, so that guarantees that nobody will do anything terrible, right? Where have you been living the last couple of years? So, let’s say somebody writes something objectionable in one of your games. That leads us to…

Manual Censoring

In most of our games, the VIP can immediately scrub offensive material using just your device. When censored, the user-generated content on screen will be scribbled out and no longer visible to other players or to the audience.

Hopefully, you have a nice, polite audience and censoring won’t even be necessary. So, are you ready to play now?!

Not quite.

Extended Timers

If you’re streaming to an audience, you already know about a little thing called delay. In order to give your players more time to participate, you’ll most likely want to toggle on the option for extended timers.

Okay, we’re almost there. You’ve got your VIP. You’ve got player after player ready to jump into the game. But what if you want to limit the size of the game to a small group with everyone else going to the audience? We’ve got you covered.

Player Limits – NEW!

Some games work great with up to sixteen players, but maybe you want a more intimate gameplay experience. In The Jackbox Party Pack 5, you can set how many players can jump into the game. This is perfect for games that you might prefer with a smaller group. Plus, you gain control of how much influence you want your community to have on a game.

So, now, finally, you’re ready to start… RIGHT?! Of course not!

Start Game From Controller Only

Consider this option if you want to start the game from the device running the game and not the VIP’s controller. This is helpful if you want to watch the game but still have control. Additionally, it keeps control in your hands if someone accidentally gets the VIP instead of you.

When this feature is active, you’ll see an indicator on the screen telling you to start the game from the console/computer instead of giving that power to the VIP.

That’s it! Learn more about The Jackbox Party Pack 5 and pre-order for PC/Mac/Linux here! The Jackbox Party Pack 5 will be released on PS4 on Tuesday, October 16th. Just 24 hours later, on Wednesday, October 17th, the game will be available on major digital platforms (including Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV/iPad, and more).

Announcing Game Four of The Jackbox Party Pack 5: “Patently Stupid”

Announcing Game Four of The Jackbox Party Pack 5: “Patently Stupid”

Have you ever dreamed of being a millionaire? Well, maybe Patently Stupid can put you on the road to riches! (It can’t.)

Join your seminar hosts Toby and Lena as they guide you through the world of invention and finance. Each seminar attendee creates a bizarre problem that another attendee is tasked with solving. Attendees must act fast to name and draw their innovative solution. And to top it off, each attendee presents their idea to the group to obtain the funding to make their dreams come true! Yay! Public speaking!

So, get your inventing caps out everybody and create some unique solutions to some truly bizarre problems!

Want to get an early sneak peek and maybe play along? Join us for our weekly stream on Thursday, August 9 at 3:30 CT! We’ll be broadcasting to our channels on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook Live. And, watch our exclusive first look at the game with Game Informer here.

Patently Stupid joins the other announced games in The Jackbox Party Pack 5 including YOU DON’T KNOW JACK: Full Stream, Split the Room, and Mad Verse City. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all of the latest updates on The Jackbox Party Pack 5. Game five will be announced soon!

Nine People to Add to Your Jackbox Games Gift List

Nine People to Add to Your Jackbox Games Gift List

It’s easy to gift our games on Steam and Xbox One, but here’s the hard part: figuring out who in your life deserves it. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of good candidates to consider this holiday season.


1. Anyone with a gaming console or computer who likes to laugh with friends.
  • All of the Jackbox Party Packs can be played on PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch and oh, so many more!
2. Anyone who throws lifeless parties that usually end with you faking IBS.
  • We’re great for parties, so no need to falsely clutch at your colon after another game of charades!
3. Anyone who would like to draw “Ben Affleck eating a gyro” with their phone.
  • Which is actually a large portion of the population, according to our research.*
4. Anyone with a Twitch or Youtube stream who likes to interact with their audience.
  • Since all you need is the room code and a phone, audiences can play from anywhere in the world!
5. Maybe an ex-lover?
  • We’re not saying our games will DEFINITELY bring them back to you, not after the way you so callously toyed with their emotions in the Hamptons over Labor Day, but crazier things have happened.
6. Your employees!
  • Instead of raises, annual bonuses or health insurance, slip a download code of the Jackbox Party Pack 4 into their locker.
7. Gerald, the drifter who lives in your crawl space and doesn’t seem to laugh anymore.
  • Actually, you should probably check that he’s still alive. Does your house smell funny?
8. Maybe an ex-lover?
  • Yes, we said this already, but here’s how it could play out. You fake being lost at sea as you were sailing to do charity work in Ecuador. Have your lawyer knock on their door, tell them you left something for them in your will and deliver a manila envelope with a Jackbox Party Pack 4 code inside. They’ll get real mad and throw it in the corner. “What about the Hamptons?” they’ll scream. The envelope will sit and sit, but days later, during a rainstorm, they’ll relent. They’ll download the game and throw a party in your honor. Everyone will laugh. Everyone will cry. Everyone will toast your memory. Just as your former lover wins their third game of Fibbage 3 in a row, you open the door and step in from the storm and say “It was the laughter that brought me back.” Cut to wedding bells. Cut to three kids. Cut to dying in the arms of your beloved… which is totally someone else. You can’t get away with faking your own death, idiot.
9. College kids
  • Yeah, sure.



*We didn’t do any research.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Has A Release Date

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Has A Release Date

A lot of people ask us here at Jackbox Games “What is the hardest part of making a game?” Most of the time, we just ignore that question and the person who asked it and drive away in our diamond-studded limousine. But this time, it was our limousine driver doing the asking, so we decided to put our minds to it as the diamond-studded locks clunked shut and he gave an ominous laugh.

As soon as we tired ourselves out from kicking at the windows and drinking all the Yoo-hoo in the mini-bar, we thought long and hard and the answer to his question came to us: picking the perfect release date! Sure, there’s art, programming and when we feel like it, writing, but you GOTTA nail that tricky release date. That’s why we thought even longer and harder and came up with a winner; October 18, 2016!

What a perfect date! It’s right before all the big, party holidays. There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, the two-year anniversary of Ariana Grande licking that donut, and we want to be there when you celebrate.

And celebrate you shall! We have some amazing games in this Party Pack that we’ve all fallen in good, clean love with: there’s Trivia Murder Party, a trivia game hosted by a serial killer, Guesspionage, a polling game based on answers from the public, Tee K.O., where you battle your witty T-shirts and slogans, Fakin’ It, where one of your friends is a dirty liar and you have to catch them and finally, Quiplash 2, the sequel to our big, hit game… Uh, I forget what it was called. Wait, I have it tattooed on my hip. Tweety Bird! Nope, wrong hip. Quiplash! That’s it!

But that’s not all. We’ve added new features that let you deal with those jerks we call trolls. Our new censor features let you boot those guys the second they get all obnoxious. And believe me, they WILL get obnoxious.

If you really want to see how awesome our new games are, check out some of our gameplay videos from TwitchCon: Jackbox Games Videos

Now, who knows how to break out of a limousine doing 80mph down the Dan Ryan, driven by a cackling maniac? Or at least, can someone bring us more Yoo-hoo?