Have You Had A Jackbox Birthday Party Yet?

Have You Had A Jackbox Birthday Party Yet?

Everybody knows that Jackbox Games bring the party. But what happens when Jackbox Games ARE the party? When Jackbox fan Jim Perry turned 50 this year, he decided to test this out! If you’re looking for inspiration about how you can take your Jackbox nights to the next level, look no further!

Step 1: Form Your Teams

You don’t HAVE to have snazzy lanyards to signify which team you are on but don’t these look cool? Jim’s party involved 3 teams of 6 people playing on separate TVs all at the same time.

Step 2: Choosing Your Game

Yes, there will be that party attendee that demands Trivia Murder Party like Freebird at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. To keep things fair and encourage some variety at your party, consider creating a random system for which game comes up next. It also takes some of the pressure off of you as the host. For Jim’s party, they found a prize wheel online and Jackboxified it.

Step 3: Make Sure Everyone Has a Good Time!

If you’re playing with friends who are new to Jackbox Games, it’s advisable that you spend some time making sure everyone understands how to play. Before they started to keep score, Jim played a few practice rounds with attendees. And, to really up the ante, he created these grammar cheat sheets to ensure that everyone’s Mad Verse City raps could pass an English test!

Step 4: Figure Out a Scoring System

Everyone loves a party with stakes. In Jim’s case, they tracked scores in 4 rounds of games and declared a first place winner, a second place winner, and, to keep things quirky, a ninth place winner. (Although, based on this scoreboard, a Jeff was bound to win all along.) A code for The Jackbox Party Pack 5 made for a sweet prize and everyone received an evening of silliness and merriment.

Next time you have a birthday around the corner, consider Jim’s sweet setup to guarantee a good time for all! Start building your collection of party packs now.

Our Favorite Pics from TwitchCon 2018

Our Favorite Pics from TwitchCon 2018

We had a great time on the Jackbox Stage at TwitchCon 2018. Thanks to all of the amazing streamers that joined us to play games from The Jackbox Party Pack 5. And, a big thank you to the audience members that joined us. Here are some of our favorite moments:

You can watch all of our streams from TwitchCon 2018 on our Twitch channel.


The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Launches On PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, Windows PC/Mac/Linux And More

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Launches On PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, Windows PC/Mac/Linux And More

CHICAGOOct. 17, 2018 – Jackbox Games has officially released The Jackbox Party Pack 5. This newest, most irreverent package of off-the-wall party games is available today for $29.99 on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, Windows PC, Mac and Linux, Comcast’s Xfinity X1, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

The powers of five new party games combine to form one mega party game extravaganza in The Jackbox Party Pack 5:

  • YOU DON’T KNOW JACK: Full Stream: The classic pop-culture trivia mash-up returns, full of wild new surprises (1-8 players)!
  • Split the Room: Create strange and divisive hypothetical situations in this wacky what-if game (3-8 Players)!
  • Mad Verse City: The lyric-writing game that lets you channel your inner MC as a rap battling robot (3-8 players)!
  • Patently Stupid: Create odd inventions to solve bizarre problems in this new competitive drawing game (3-8 players)!
  • Zeeple Dome: Fling yourself at bloodthirsty aliens to win millions of Zubabucks in the deadliest game show in the Crab Nebula (1-6 players)!

Games in The Jackbox Party Pack series support phones, tablets and computers as controllers. Just go to Jackbox.tv on your device and enter the room code to play. Up to 10,000 additional audience members can join specific games to affect their final outcome. Other options like extended timers, manual censoring and family-friendly modes make it easy for families and streamers to host the perfect party.

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB. For more from Jackbox Games, visit www.jackboxgames.com, and follow the studio on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Streamer’s Guide

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Streamer’s Guide

Jackbox Games’ library is chocked full of features designed specifically for to enhance your streaming experience. We’ve tried to make these features self-explanatory, but we’ve got some free time, so let’s take a look, shall we?

Before we get into the juicy details, it’s worth pointing out that all of the features are accessible from the Settings menu. Simply toggle on or off the features as you see fit.

So, first up, let’s talk about…


Pretty simple. The VIP is the first person to get in the game and the raw, unmitigated responsibility that comes with it is staggering. So, you’ll probably want to be the VIP in most cases.

As the VIP, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Starting the game. On your device, you will have the power to launch into gameplay once all your players are in. This will not be the case, however, if you have “Start From Controller Only” selected, which we will discuss in a moment.
  • Manual Censoring. You’ll have the ability to censor and remove objectionable content from your game experience because sometimes people are terrible. Again, we’ll have more on this topic later on.

Speaking of people, let’s talk about…

The Audience

Most of our games allow your audience to play along and can support up to 10,000 players! Pretty cool, huh?

If you want to include your audience in the game, you’ll need to…

  • Turn on the “Audience” feature in Settings (It’s already on by default).
  • Direct them to go to Jackbox.tv on their device and enter the room code after all players have entered the game or the game has started.

You’ll want to keep that room code hidden until all your players are in if you don’t want audience members jumping into the game. Luckily, we have a feature for that!

Allow Room Code Hiding

Want to hide your room code but still display the lobby? Great! Toggle on the room code hiding option (default is “off”) and your viewers won’t be able to join until you’re ready for them.

But say you want to let some viewers in but you’re afraid of what havoc an anonymous player can wreak? Well, there’s a feature for that!

Require Twitch

Most of our games have a “Require Twitch” option (default “off”) which requires players to log in to Jackbox.tv via Twitch. And voila! Their Twitch username is their in-game name as well.

To do this, click the cog in the upper left corner at Jackbox.tv and selecting “Twitch login.” If you choose to logout, you’ll find that option here as well.

Okay, so that guarantees that nobody will do anything terrible, right? Where have you been living the last couple of years? So, let’s say somebody writes something objectionable in one of your games. That leads us to…

Manual Censoring

In most of our games, the VIP can immediately scrub offensive material using just your device. When censored, the user-generated content on screen will be scribbled out and no longer visible to other players or to the audience.

Hopefully, you have a nice, polite audience and censoring won’t even be necessary. So, are you ready to play now?!

Not quite.

Extended Timers

If you’re streaming to an audience, you already know about a little thing called delay. In order to give your players more time to participate, you’ll most likely want to toggle on the option for extended timers.

Okay, we’re almost there. You’ve got your VIP. You’ve got player after player ready to jump into the game. But what if you want to limit the size of the game to a small group with everyone else going to the audience? We’ve got you covered.

Player Limits – NEW!

Some games work great with up to sixteen players, but maybe you want a more intimate gameplay experience. In The Jackbox Party Pack 5, you can set how many players can jump into the game. This is perfect for games that you might prefer with a smaller group. Plus, you gain control of how much influence you want your community to have on a game.

So, now, finally, you’re ready to start… RIGHT?! Of course not!

Start Game From Controller Only

Consider this option if you want to start the game from the device running the game and not the VIP’s controller. This is helpful if you want to watch the game but still have control. Additionally, it keeps control in your hands if someone accidentally gets the VIP instead of you.

When this feature is active, you’ll see an indicator on the screen telling you to start the game from the console/computer instead of giving that power to the VIP.

That’s it! Learn more about The Jackbox Party Pack 5 and pre-order for PC/Mac/Linux here! The Jackbox Party Pack 5 will be released on PS4 on Tuesday, October 16th. Just 24 hours later, on Wednesday, October 17th, the game will be available on major digital platforms (including Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Apple TV/iPad, and more).

How to Lifehack These Jackbox Halloween Costumes

How to Lifehack These Jackbox Halloween Costumes

It’s the number one trending topic on every social media site: DIY Jackbox costumes. But what’s the OFFICIAL way to make them?

Let us help get you started with a few unique, hilarious, and CHEAP costumes for your upcoming Halloween parties. I have picked some ideas and spent my day in the Jackbox offices creating picture perfect pictures of various Party Pack iconography.

This is more or less closet cosplay, but I’m a theater kid so my closet has bald caps and various capes in it. Also, Jackbox generously gave me $5 to put this blog together. Otherwise, I’m mostly making suggestions as inexpensive and entertaining as the Jackbox games themselves!

This is me “normal” (Mug for scale)

  1. The Jackbox Games Logo

One of the most famous images associated with Jackbox games is a head in a box.

This costume is easy. All you need is a small box and bald head. Boxes can be stolen from your office* and you can achieve a bald head through shaving, having an actual bald head, or letting time take its toll.

I also needed tape because I have sideburns I needed to cover…


Needed more tape for sideburns…

This costume is perfect for gaming conventions and/or Halloween screenings of Seven.

  1. Monster Seeking Monster

It a scientific fact** that the average American has at least one monster costume at home. If you’re looking to spice up your vampire, mummy and/or witch costume, might I recommend making them a little…..sexy?

Monster Seeking Monster is a game about creatures of the undead seeking love. It involves lying and subterfuge in order to score points just like traditional dating, but they have secret powers that require careful strategy in order to maneuver. I wanted to replicate the purple skin and enticing mystique of the Monster Seeking Monster vampire:

This is where I use the aforementioned cape and $5 to buy a three-color makeup kit

As you can see, I also printed out some images from the game. Like the heart point icon and some phrases I could attach to my cape. The end result:

Purple? Pink like a bad sunburn? It’s the same thing!

You can screenshot your best lines! Or steal them from more charming people!

This also makes a great couples costume. I am both of these monsters through the magic of photo editing and toilet paper!

  1. Split the Room

Would you like to be dressed to the nines AND ahead of the curve? Why not dress like a character from The Jackbox Party Pack 5?

The Split the Room host is a Halloween Costume with a sense of style, much like the Phantom of the Opera.

You combine a cat costume and a nice suit and you’re there.

I could use a cat mask, but I bought hair gel and a makeup kit and I’m going to use it!

Split the Room is a game about creating difficult decisions. My final costume has generated a image that is even more gut wrenching:

I am available for birthday parties. Terrifying, terrifying birthday parties.

  1. Drawful

Okay….enough beautiful monsters and gruesome cats! It’s time to get silly!!!

Drawful and Drawful 2 are games that provide a prompt and then ask you to draw it to the best of your ability. Halloween provides you a chance to throw a party where every guest gets a Drawful prompt and has to make a costume (possibly right on the spot).

I’m going to ask a coworker for a random prompt and make the costume out of stuff that I find*** around my office. Here’s the prompt: “failing a lie detector” (Full disclosure: this is the second prompt… the first was vampire related because the universe just wants to see me in a cape but I wanted a challenge)

Here are my materials:

If you find typos in this article, it’s because my editor no longer has a mouse.

And the end result:

Ridiculously long fingers are not part of the costume. They are just my cross to bear.

Imagine a party where everybody has to assemble these outfits and everybody had to guess what they are trying to portray. It’s like your Jackbox Party Pack came to life!!*

Got a great Jackbox-y costume? Throughout the month of October, tag us in your pictures on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #JackboxHalloween in your post! And, don’t forget to pre-order The Jackbox Party Pack 5 for PC/Mac/Linux OR purchase it upon release on October 17th!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


**Wild guess

***Steal. I steal from my place of work.

The Countdown is On! Here’s the Trailer and Release Dates for The Jackbox Party Pack 5!

You asked once! You asked twice! Then you lost interest for awhile! Then you asked 135,412 more times! Finally, we can share the info you’ve been waiting for.

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 will be released on Tuesday, October 16th for PS4. Just a short 24 hours later on Wednesday, October 17th, it will be available on all platforms, including Xbox, Steam (PC/Mac), Nintendo Switch, Comcast Xfinity, Apple TV and Mac App/iPad. Just in time for your ill-advised Halloween shenanigans!

Don’t rely on your already over-stuffed brain to remember these dates! Pre-order The Jackbox Party Pack 5 right now for your PC/Mac on our website here. We’ll notify you when your Steam code is redeemable upon the game’s release!

Still not totally sure what the The Jackbox Party Pack 5’s deal is? Let this brand-new official trailer explain:

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Unless you hate it!