We Can’t Show Any of These

We Can’t Show Any of These

I wanted to write a blog post showing off some of the amazing drawing people have made in Drawful — and there have been some amazing drawings. Unfortunately, they’re all dongs. Or butts. Or poop. Or butts with poop coming out of them.

Sometimes there’s a really lovely drawing, but the user’s icon is a wiener.

Case in point: here’s a drawing for “guillotine accident.”


Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

During last Friday’s TwitchTV stream, we had some technical difficulties with the audio, so Steve-o had to man the whiteboard and write out what we were doing. Luckily, we just wanted to show videos of some of our never-made concepts.

Here’s Steve-o introducing “Willy Pee,” a game where you watch a video of a dog walking up to something and you have to choose whether or not he will pee on it.

Wonder why that one never got made.

Speakeasy and Carry a Big Deck

Jackbox Games is proud to be part of Chicago’s game design community — a group that has spawned some truly fun, weird, and hilarious games.

Chicago’s own Andy Patton is funding a game called “Speakeasy” on Kickstarter right now. In fact, there’s just 24 hours left to get on board. While it has already reached its main goal, there are some fantastic additions to the game if certain funding milestones are reached.

What is it?

Speakeasy is a game of social deduction. Think Werewolf + the social manipulation of Survivor + the last five minutes of the Godfather.

Update: Kickstarter successful! If you’d still like to get a copy of the game, you can buy one here: http://thegamehaschanged.net/speakeasy/.