New Twitch Features: Twitch Login and Twitch-Locked Games

New Twitch Features:  Twitch Login and Twitch-Locked Games

Here at Jackbox Games, we’re really excited about Twitch and the way it brings people together from all over the world to play our games!  Lately, we’ve been transforming that excitement into ways to integrate Twitch into our games based on feedback from you, our wonderful fans.

Today, I’m going to show you a few new Twitch features we’ve recently added:  Twitch Login, and Twitch-Locked Games.

Twitch Login

First, we’ve added the ability to log into Twitch at Jackbox.TV to join games!  If you’re really good at Hidden Object games or Where’s Waldo (I’m not, how is he still missing anyway?!), you’ve probably noticed the new Settings cog in the top left corner.  Tapping on Settings will slide in a menu with Twitch Login as the first item.  If you follow the Twitch authentication flow to it’s completion, you should return back at our site with your Twitch user name already filled into the Name field.