Jackbox on X1

Comcast Xfinity subscribers with an X1 box can purchase and play many Jackbox games. Here’s how it works.

Purchasing Games

  1. Locate Jackbox Games on X1 by browsing the apps menu on X1 or saying “Jackbox Games” using your Voice Remote.
  2. Once the games collection is open, you can purchase any of the games by selecting Buy and following the on-screen purchase instructions.
  3. Once you purchase a game, a video will play providing instructions on how to access the game. (Note: Video will only play when you initially buy a game.)
  4. To access the game from the instructional video, either:
    • Press Info and then Extras while the video is playing to bring up the enhanced content panel, then select any section of the panel to start the game.
    • To exit the video, scroll down to the Enhanced Extras Included with Purchase row and select any of the extras to start the game.

Accessing Your Purchased Games

  1. Locate Jackbox Games on X1 by browsing the apps menu on X1, saying “Jackbox Games” using your Voice Remote or by navigating to the Purchases tab of the Saved menu.
  2. To start playing a game, scroll down to Enhanced Extras Included with Purchase and select any extra, at which time the game will begin.
  3. Like with any Xfinity On Demand content, press Exit at any time to exit the game and return to the X1 On-Screen Guide.
  4. To see more information, navigate to HOW-TO in the game.

For FAQs and more info, see this page.