“Alexa, Play Lie Swatter”

We’ve brought the wacky fact-filled game Lie Swatter to Alexa! That means you can now play the hit party game on the Amazon Echo family of products, as well as Amazon Fire TV and any other device that supports Alexa.

Lie Swatter challenges you to guess whether absurd facts are true or false. How absurd? Give these a try:

  • NASA accidentally taped over the footage of the first moon landing
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger held up a wall in the governor’s mansion during an earthquake.
  • The traffic light was invented before the car.
  • Charles Darwin threw penguins off of cliffs to see if they could fly.

Some of those are true! Which ones? You’ll have to play Lie Swatter to find out! Okay, you can probably find out in the Internet too, but Lie Swatter is more fun.

Ready to play? Just say, “Alexa, Play Lie Swatter” to get started*

*If you say that out loud and you don’t have an Alexa device, the game won’t run and you’ll look weird.