The Jackbox Party Pack 4

The Jackbox Party Pack 4

You (implicitly) asked for it! We made it! It’s the Jackbox Party Pack 4!

It’s the fourth collection of go-to party games from Jackbox Games! The biggest and fourthiest addition to this storied party game franchise features not five but FIVE AND A HALF crowd-slaying games!!!

Fibbage 3 (2-8 players)

The blanking fun sequel with all-new question types and the game mode Fibbage: Enough About You where you guess the weird facts about your friends.

Survive the Internet (3-8 players)

The web-based frame game where you twist your friends’ “online” comments in hilarious ways.

Monster Seeking Monster (3-7 players)

The spooky date-a-thon where you message and date fellow monsters with special powers.

Bracketeering (3-16 players)

The deranged debate match where you place smart bets on stupid arguments.

Civic Doodle (3-8 players)

The one-up art game where you compete to improve the town murals. Play using your phones, tablets or computers. No extra controllers needed! Plus EVEN MORE features just for streamers! NOTE: The game is local multiplayer but can be enjoyed over streams with remote players.

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Lie Swatter for Alexa

Lie Swatter for Alexa

“Alexa, Play Lie Swatter”

We’ve brought the wacky fact-filled game Lie Swatter to Alexa! That means you can now play the hit party game on the Amazon Echo family of products, as well as Amazon Fire TV and any other device that supports Alexa.

Lie Swatter challenges you to guess whether absurd facts are true or false. How absurd? Give these a try:

  • NASA accidentally taped over the footage of the first moon landing
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger held up a wall in the governor’s mansion during an earthquake.
  • The traffic light was invented before the car.
  • Charles Darwin threw penguins off of cliffs to see if they could fly.

Some of those are true! Which ones? You’ll have to play Lie Swatter to find out! Okay, you can probably find out in the Internet too, but Lie Swatter is more fun.

Ready to play? Just say, “Alexa, Play Lie Swatter” to get started*

*If you say that out loud and you don’t have an Alexa device, the game won’t run and you’ll look weird.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3

The Jackbox Party Pack 3

The threequel to the party game phenomenon features FIVE new sense-shattering games!

Quiplash 2 (3-8 players)

The say-anything sequel. Play all new questions or make your own!

Trivia Murder Party (1-8 players)

A deadly quiz show where you match wits with a trivia-obsessed killer.

Guesspionage (2-8 players)

The brain-battering data-mining guessing game.

Tee K.O. (3-8 players)

The t-shirt slugfest where you battle your custom t-shirts to the death!

Fakin’ It (3-6 players)

One of your friends has something to hide in this sneaky game for tricksters.

Play using your phones, tablets, or computers. No extra controllers needed!

All games support up to 10,000 audience members playing along!

Plus tons of NEW features just for streamers! It’s a digital box full of actual fun!

NOTE: The Jackbox Party Pack 3 is in English only.
NOTE: This game is local multiplayer, but can be enjoyed over streams with remote players.


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Drawful 2

Drawful 2

Drawful is back to save your boring parties with the new multiplayer* party game Drawful 2, which challenges players to draw weird, funny and often ridiculous prompts on their smartphones and tablets.

Building on the original hit Drawful, Drawful 2 takes it to the next level by allowing players to make their own episodes of unique nonsensical prompts, in-jokes about their messed up friends and references to whatever they want, which can be shared using special codes.

Drawful 2 increases the overall number of totally new prompts by 50%, adds bonus score streaks for consecutive correct answers, and adds the ability to paint with two colors instead of one, making it easy to fit even greater creativity and detail in every sketch. There’s even a new option for players to tweet out GIFs of their favorite drawings, so everyone on Twitter can share the fun (and shame) of your last game.

Drawful 2 has expanded tools for streamers including censoring options. Drawings can be quickly skipped, and specific answers, drawings and players can be censored, giving players and streamers effective tools to protect their games from trolls.

Drawful 2 also includes standard Jackbox Games features, like a family-friendly mode that omits prompts more likely to lead to awkward or uncomfortable conversations with your parents. Jackbox’s audience feature returns to allow streamers to let up to 10,000 viewers play along each game by guessing correct answers and influencing player scores. Twitch account login integration is supported, as well.

Also, Drawful 2 will NOT be included in our next ultimate game bundle, The Jackbox Party Pack 3, which is expected to launch this fall.

*Drawful 2 requires a minimum of three players and supports up to eight players, not including audience members.

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